Have you been affected by AED shortages?
20 January, 2018

Have you been affected by AED shortages?

/ 5 years ago

For what seemed like the whole of 2017, there have been significant problems with the availability of anti-epilepsy drugs (AEDs), either through stock outages, or product issues.

With some of the most commonly prescribed medications, such as Epilim Chrono suffering particular problems, this has created real difficulties for epilepsy patients in the UK.

Shortages of Epilim have been a real issue in recent months

Many have been referred back to their GPs by the pharmacies, who are unable to satisfy demand.  Patients are sometimes faced with the difficult decision of whether to risk changing to a different brand of their normal drug, or a completely different drug (or drugs) altogether.

What has been your experience during this period?  How have the shortages affected you?  Has this caused an increase in seizures for example?

You can keep up-to-date with any issues with the supply of anti-epilepsy medication via Epilepsy Action’s excellent ‘Drug Watch‘ web page.


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