High as a Kai-te about Purple Caffe
10 June, 2017

High as a Kai-te about Purple Caffe

/ 6 years ago

We were delighted to be able to hand-deliver another ‘Sleep-EASy’ anti-suffocation pillows to one of our families this weekend.

Kai Hunter (10) from Kinghorn, was only diagnosed with epilepsy in April 2017, so the learning curve for him and his family has been a steep one, and something that they are still trying to adjust to.

Football-mad Kai, who plays as a goalkeeper for Burntisland Shipyard 2006s, isn’t letting epilepsy affect him too much though.  As well as playing football three times a week, he also plays golf for Kinghorn Golf Club, so just goes to show that our boys and girls can all be #morethanepilepsy.  As well as his extra-curricular activities, Kai also recently chose to give a presentation to his classmates at Kinghorn Primary School, to try to help raise awareness about epilepsy.

Kai said that he is really excited about coming along to the Purple Caffe meetings with his mum, dad (Shaun) and wee sister Kianna, to make new friends and eat lots of cake (he even bakes his own).

He was also really chuffed to receive his pillow, as was mum Debbie, who explained “even as a nurse myself, I had never experienced epilepsy before, so this was all new to us.  Kai’s dad works away alot too, and because most of Kai’s seizures happen at night, I’ve been using baby monitors to keep an eye on him through the night, and not getting much sleep!  This pillow will help give me so much peace of mind.”

If you, or someone that you know would like to apply for one of these pillows, please contact Laura Mortimer at NHS Fife for a referral.

As always, we would like to extend massive thanks to our friends at telmenow.com for their help in supplying these pillows to our families.



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