Memory and Epilepsy
20 November, 2018

Memory and Epilepsy

/ 5 years ago

Memory loss, or ‘brain fog’ as it is often known, is a common symptom experienced by people with epilepsy.

Whilst it affects people to different degrees, it can cause difficulties with even the simplest tasks, such as remembering names, recalling information or details and so on.  It can also impact upon an individuals ability to manage their epilepsy medication without assistance from a family member or carer.

Memory is often one of the most problematic aspects of epilepsy, particularly for older patients.

Memory problems can often be as a result of the side effects of your epilepsy medication.  On the other hand, your medication should reduce the number/severity of seizures, and so this should help the brain functions associated with memory.

There is an interesting article on the impact that epilepsy can have on memory on the Epilepsy Society website


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