All SCIOs have a duty to keep a register of their charity trustees which must be updated within 28 days of any change being notified to the SCIO. The register must contain specific information about current charity trustees; where a charity trustee is a corporate body rather than a natural person, some additional information is required.
Additionally, the SCIO’s register must also retain some information about former charity trustees for at least six years from the date the person ceased to be a charity trustee.

Because Purple Caffe Fife is listed as a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation), we are required to keep a list of our Trustees, which is included as part of our Annual Return to OSCR (the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator).

Below is the register of our Trustees, both past and present.

Name of SCIO: Purple Caffe Fife SCIO
Charity Number: SC047607


Trustee 1 
Name Niall Shaw
Address 73 Blairadam Crescent




Date of Appointment
Office the trustee holds in the SCIO  Chair
Was the trustee appointed by OSCR under Section 70A of the 2005 Act? No
Date on which he/she ceased to be a charity trustee