Zack’s the way to do it
23 June, 2017

Zack’s the way to do it

/ 6 years ago

One of the best parts of being part of Purple Caffe Fife, is getting out and about to meet some smashing kids and their families.

We dropped in on Zack at his grandparents home in Glenrothes to deliver his ‘Sleep-EASy’ anti-suffocation pillow to him.

Zack (4), is a wee bundle of energy, and loves getting up to high jinks with his mum, dad Tony and big sister Sophie.

Mum Angela, explained a bit more about why she applied for a pillow for Zack.

Zack was aged 2 when he had his first seizure.  We lived down in Lincolnshire at the time, but unfortunately the paediatrician didn’t believe us, and actually said that he was faking his seizures!

We immediately sought a second opinion from doctors in Nottinghamshire where he was given a 24 hour EEG, which showed that he did have epilepsy. We have since moved back to Fife where the team have been fantastic. We couldn’t fault them. 

Zack is now 4 & like a typical 4 year old he loves to run and jump about all over the place have lots of fun outside.  When he’s not doing that, he loves playing with his toy cars and trains.

We’re just so relieved to be under the Fife epilepsy team now so that Zack can get the help he needs. We’re so grateful for Zack having one of these pillows. It will be a little bit of peace of mind for us when Zack has his night-time seizures.”

If you would like to apply for a referral to receive one of these pillows ABSOLUTELY FREE, please get in touch with the Epilepsy Nurse at NHS Fife.


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